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We offer a comprehensive range of Private Investigation Services to meet your individual needs. We have listed below a limited number of our basic services for your assistance and guidance and would always encourage you to Contact us directly to discuss your case individually to ensure we can assist you in the most effective way... Every Case is treated as a Priority and will be Tailored to ensure we get you the results you need as quickly and as efficiently as possible..


We offer a discreet Service to ensure we can provide certainty in the case of whether or not your partner is Cheating. We provide Photographic and Video evidence reporting, carried out without our presence being known. We appreciate the sensitivity of cases such as these and will always work with you in a Professional and Discretionary manner. 


We Specialize in the field of finding and/or, tracing Missing Persons. We operate both Nationally and Internationally. 

We have access to various restricted technological resources to assist us in finding someone that might prove difficult to find through normal means. We are able to apply a unique logic based on experience, knowledge and skills to get results.


We Specialize in Asset Finding both Nationally and Internationally. When tracing and locating a persons or companies Assets either in the UK or Globally we are able to utilize a number of International Resources that enable us to work efficiently and with accuracy to ensure we provide our client with information and intelligence that deliver unquestionable results.


We have access to restricted Databases that are not available to the general Public that enable us to provide screening and Background checks for the purpose of legal Employment, Criminal Record Checks, Pre-Employment, Credit Checking and Social media verification to name a few.

Please Contact a member of the team for further assistance


We Provide Process Serving Services. This is a service where Legal and/or Important Documents are delivered BY HAND to a specific recipient and address. Services such as these are commonly used by Solicitors and those wishing to serve Court Orders that are formally recorded as being successfully delivered.


Trying to find someone who owes you money can be difficult if they have suddenly disappeared without warning. We are able to find a debtor anywhere in the country and can usually geographically locate them to a specific area and match them to a most recent address. This service is made possible through our access to National databases not available to the general public. 

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